Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Doggies and Super nasty bread

The past few days have been a wee bit ..well hairy. Yesterday my mothers 100+ lbs lab Sunshine came to spend the night. HOLY DOG HAIR BATMAN!! My two dogs are fluffy and hairy during certin times of the year but MAN I have NEVER seen a dog shed this much! We went to pick her up from the vet's office and within 10 minutes my clothes were COVERED in dog hair! As we got out of the car babygirl said mommy your car is all hairy now we need to clean it, Sunshine gots hair all over! Yep. By the end of the evening my nice clean and vacumed livingroom looked like a blond got shaved! It was soo funny. What was even funnier is the night before I had been complaining that Indie wouldn't sit in my lap all I ever wanted was a little lap doggie and now my little baby wouldn't sit in my lap. Well as soon as I let Indie out when Sunshine was here thats where she went. Right into my lap, and stayed there. If i sat down so did she, If I got up she walked right beside me. She was up my butt even worse than babygirl. Bad part is i'm allergic to dogs so when they get in my face I get all itchy and we had used the last of the benedryl hanging Christmas stuff (allergic to dust too). The girls LOVED having sunshine over to visit! I love Sunshine but I finally understood why mom board's her instead of letting me keep her. Three dogs and three little girls in one tiny trailer can get a bit well LOUD. Let's just say a lab's bark in a LOT deeper than a terrier's. Indie's bark is sharp Sunshine's reverberated. The girls LOVED it. Sunshine slept in their room something they have always wanted. Genesis sleeps with mommy because she always has and Indie sleeps in her cage so they were so happy when Sunshine followed them in there. OH I have to tell you!! This morning I called my mom to see if she was ready for her baby to come home as soon as Sunshine heard her voice she sat up and started whining so I put the phone to her ear and she was whining at my mom it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Babygirl wasn't happy that we had to take Sunshine back but she got over it. Sunshine is now safely back with her mommy away from all the annoying kiddo's. Genesis slept all day. Indie wears her out but she never has been able to keep up with Sunshine.
     So this super nasty bread. I've been wanting to branch out and try some pumpkin bread to make bread pudding and I finally found a recipie I could make in the bread machine and not have to hassle with. I followed the directions to the T even when it called for 3 TABLESPOONS of Pumpkin Pie Spice. The bread smelled sooooo good cooking. The bread machine beeped we gathered around to taste the hot fresh bread.  Babygirl said I dun like this mommy frow it away. Middlest said hmm well I don't want any to take to school tomorrow (a bad sign). Eldest said why don't YOU try it and tell me what YOU think (definatly not good! she only says that to not hurt my feelings) It was HORRIABLE. I mean REALLY bad! As I spit my piece back out Eldest just said yep. So we looked over the recipe and decided to up the ammount of suger and only put in 1 Tbsp Pumpkin Pie spice. This batch turned out much better. To be honest though it tasted like white bread that was orange. I'm not going to post pictures or the recipe because it was THAT BAD. We tore up both loaves and poured egg mixture over it. Tomrrow I'm going to take them to work and try making Bread pudding in the Crockpot. If nothing else it will make the store smell good.

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