Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day!!

Today was Valentines Day! yea. Hahahah. We gave our gifts and cards and such on Friday. Big Daddy and I got each other pictures of each other this year. When we all got family Pictures done the photographer forgot to take some of Big Daddy and I and since we take pictures we never get any together. So he knew I really wanted some. The girls got LOTS of candy as children ought to. They also got special shirts. So today there wasn't much in the way of gifts and such. We made the girls pink heart shaped pancakes and pink scrambled eggs. Those were a little difficult to swallow. Then I forced Big Daddy to watch squishy movies all day. However he did dishes and laundry and avoided most. hahah. We had a great Valenties day weekend filled with togetherness. We cleaned house. It doesn't much look like it now. As any house with 3 kids would. We did nothing but enjoy our times as a family and watch movies and the Olympics.
How was your weekend? Did you get good or thoughtfull gifts or really bad ones.

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