Monday, February 8, 2010

Ninja Snow!

we so got sneak attacked this morning. All weekend the weathermen pedicted rain for Monday. I get up this morning and look outside to see how bad it was before babygirl and I went out to take our friend Ms.Kitty some special treats and holy moley it is snowing and not just fluries either. By 8am we had an inch on the ground! The weather lady said NONE of the forcasters perdicted snow it just snuck past us. For two almost 3 hours babygirl and I enjoyed the full blown panic of a surprise Alabama snowstorm. During times it was almost white out conditions. The weather chat room was all a buzz with upset parents who were mad that they didnt cancel school yelling at how stupid the super is and how they are putting our babies at risk!! People complaining that the stores are already sold out of milk, eggs, and bread!! How could they not have warned us!! I'm telling you it was better than a soap opera!! By 11 the snow had stopped and the sun came out Babygirl and I were able to go visit Ms. Kitty and marvel at how fast the snow had melted. I think it lasted until noon. We had fun playing in it while it lasted. Maybe tomorrow we'll get another Ninja snow. Why Ninja snow because it snuck up in the dead of night and attacked us thats why.

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