Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chocolate incident #2

in the room reading babe..
clip clip clip clip
hi there mommy!!
Hi there chocolate face..what did you get into?
umm nufing...
are you sure cause you have chocolate breath and a chocolate face?
oh well dare was dis chocolate that looked funny and it was open so I went ahead and eatted it. So my baby wouldn't...
oh okay.. sure..
how about we have grahms and frosting for dessert!!
opening the frosting can... and finding it half empty with tiny little finger marks...
Babygirl... Why is there no frosting?
Ummm i dunno I fink Genesis ate it...
Does Genesis have little girl fingers?
Oh. No. umm I finked I eatted some.... i forgetted to tell you.. im sowwey
Well next time you might want to use a spoon so you dont get caught next time.

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Trina R said...

LOL now thats funny :D