Wednesday, February 10, 2010

he loves me

it's Valentines week. Love is in the air. Big Daddy is going all out this year. Usually Valentines day isn't THAT big of a holiday in our house. Just some candy or something. We are still at that stage that a Valentines date is kinda out of the question because of babysitters ect. We get eachother gifts and sometimes have an after the kids go to bed date but just not anything big. Well as you know he bought me pictures of us for Valentines day and all week he has been sending me E-Valentines sometimes three or four a day. It's so sweet. I love it. I'm wierd i like being reminded that he's thinking about me and when I get that mail ding I get all happy and excited and when I see e-card from Big Daddy waiting for me in big black letters it just makes my heart swell. I am sooo lucky to have such a caring and loving hubby!!

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