Saturday, February 20, 2010

A happy day

Today the weather was beautiful and WARM!! So we fought our running away demons and took the girls to the bike path to ride bikes today. I got one mile on my bike today.. was a little rusty and we had the girls. We had so much fun!! We went to our special spot and did a little wading and played pooh sticks. Then we got to go to Mellow Mushroom for lunch!!! Now that was fun! We love yummy Cheesy Pizza and there pizza is a special dough that we can eat! We planned stuff for babygirls Birthday and have a great family time!! We also go a lovely nappy in and who doesn't love a good nap?! After we got up and started talking about what to have for dinner our T called. Today was besties Birthday and she hadn't gotten her party. Since they were on thier way home we hurriedly got a party assembled at Besties Favorite restraunt ( they have yummy cheese and peanut butter and jelly pizza!! We she got there the girls all got goodie bags to play with and the adults got to talk. I LOVE spening time with T!! The guys were talking politics and we were talking about girl stuff when we noticed Big daddy starting to tell jokes... This is usually a warning sign his suger is a bit high. We were the only people left in the restraunt so we didnt have to worry about being to loud. We were having cake by this time and T and I had requested water for big daddy and explained why she needed to keep it coming . He started telling blond jokes!! really bad ones haha so everytime he did besties dad would holler for more water. the girls were running around we had offered the wait staff cake so all of them lines up and were cutting off huge pieces of cake. It was so much fun. Just the kind of evening you want to have with family and friends. I thank God for times and days that we get to spend with such amazing people. Its nice when you have friends that you can share everything with and have so much fun with. Sorry about the misspelling and any other off things. Indie has decided that my lap is her special spot again today. awww. She loves me!!!

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