Sunday, February 28, 2010

Read across America week

Once again I have proved to my children what a cool yet strict mommy I can be. Monday is Funky Hair day at school. After some discussion with Ms. Kitty as to what we could do we decided on wash out purple hair dye :) so now my beautiful girls have purple hair...well kinda. Eldest looks like a witch with her all purple hair.
It looks really...evil :)
Middlest got shreeks in her hair just like mommy with what was left after we did Eldest's hair
it's subtle and cute though purple hair and Middlest just dont mix... maybe a blue next time you know when she is 16.
Babygirl.. I mean BigGwrl was happy to laugh at her sisters... and she gets to go swimming with mommy everyday. Who wouldn't be happy with that? She also got to pick out frinkle cupcakes for dinner tomorrow night. The rest is a surprise!  Have a great evening and don't forget tonight is Closing Ceremonys for the Olympics

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