Sunday, February 14, 2010

65 Roses

65 roses is what young children often call Cystic fibrosis. It is also the name of a documentary about the Journey of a young women named Eva Markvoort. Eva is a 23 year old from Vancouver B.C. she has done alot to raise awareness about CF and how much of a need there is for Organ Donor's especially in Canada. She is an amazing young woman. I know i've had a lot of posts lately about CF and they aren't funny but the life of  CF patient isn't funny. It's heart breaking and tough. With Ms. Kitty in the hospital last week (she is FINALLY OUT BTW) and now Eva is losing her battle with CF it's been on my mind lately. Sharing how I feel is really hard right now. Losing Eva who is someone i've come to know and love is hard because it reminds me in a more realistic fashion that it is enevitable.  We are praying for you Eva. You have changed the world with your love.

to read more about Eva click here
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