Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh those sweet angelic little girls

My sweet little perfect girls. They love each other so much. They love to snuggle and support each other as sisters should.
               Then one of them will feel a bit mischivious, It's almost always Babygirl or Big Daddy who starts it.
It starts with a tackle and a giggle. Eldest is Babygirls favorite to tackle.
Then Eldest issues a verbal it was LOOK BRAT I'M TRYING TO WATCH NCIS! Go beat up on Middlest.
At this point Middlest goes huh? We are beating up on Eldest? GET HER!!! And they tackle her, It turns into a free for all of dogs barking, laughing, yelling and trash talk.Until they get side tracked by something else.
I did want to show you this one last picture.

doesn't it look like Eldest is being attacked by a black phantom?

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