Monday, February 1, 2010


I love my sister!! She means so much to me. I love watching my babies playing with each other, Most of the time. They act similar to the way my sister and I acted at least my mom says we acted that way. It's so funny to hear the SHE'S TOUCHING ME kinds of things. Today I was searching through old SD cards filled with videos. I got such a kick out of how the girls' relationships evolved as they grew older.
The first had babygirl fresh out of the hospital laying on my bed and middlest 18 months petting her and calling her schweet baby then kissing her and then looking at me and saying i gived her kishys. it is the sweetest thing!!  The second had babygirl in the shallow yard pool all of 1 and middlest almost 3 about to slide into the pool. She looks at me and says I tell her to move shee MOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE then she goes down the slide and knocks the baby on to her hiney. it was soooooo funny.
No the baby wasnt hurt, the pool was shallow and babygirl had a swimmy on so she was well padded.
Still to go from sweet and loving toward her sister to knocking her on her butt. I should have taken that as a warning of what was to come. But we never do.

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