Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Today we went to a new church for our Ash Wednesday service. Now right now I'm into the whole dating churches thing but i'm still a little gun shy. It's been hard to find one that fits all of us. We've learned a lot about Churchs and what to look for, do they have a good Childrens program, are they friendly, too conservitive, all that kind of thing. Eldest is getting to the age that we need to look for one that has a good confirmation program. A lot to consider. We talked to this new Church about that last night. This new one is a Lutheran Church big Daddy used to go to way back when. Their Confirmation program is WOW. It takes 3 years! 3 years 6-8th grades!! A lot of community service. A lot of parent involment. Apparently the "Church" loses 75% of kids after confirmation and they never return after that and with this program since they include families it has drastically reduced those numbers. Kinda crazy. Then thier child program... all the kids birth-5th grade are together and all work out of the same book learning the same things kinda intresting. But they were VERY friendly. HOWEVER it was the service that kinda threw me for a loop. Now this Lutheran Church has communion for babtised people and all that I was able to recive communion but the kids were not which I don't agree with and we had some trouble with the girls getting thier feelings hurt. I was looking foward to the girls hearing a nice Lenten sermon and learning more about why we celebrate Lent then the message was on Jonah. I'm not sure what that has to do with Lent other than following God's directions. but anyways I now have a lot to think about and consider.

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