Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you give a mommy some seeds...

apparently i am no better than the moose in if you give a moose a muffin. It is soo nice outside that while driving to the hardware store I happened to mention that it was about planting season and we (the girls and myself) would LOVE to go look at the seeds and bulbs while Big Daddy was getting what he needed to fix our door...which will not shut. BTW he got me the GREATEST door mat EVER! It says GOT DIRT how funny is that a door mat that says got dirt hahha I love it! anyways back to my story. He groaned at me and said hey baby do you remember " IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN"? ARE YOU CALLING ME A MOOSE? Of course he wasn't but he got a good laugh out of that. No apparently If he was to let me buy seeds then i'd want potting soil to go with it, then i'd realize he still hasn't built me my garden...then i'd ralize i need manure, more soil, and a watering system,.. Then i'd notice i don't enough seeds to fill the garden...and thus the circle grows and grows... And we just got done at the grocery store and needless to say he tried very bravely not to cry when he saw the total. I love him. In the End though he said i could get 10$ worth of seeds and whatever but that was it so we now will be starting our seeds.. don't worry we got a starter set to baby the seeds until the weather gets better.. and my garden gets made :P... Also while we looked at seeds we found KILLER PLANTS so we had a little science lesson about what they were and how they worked. Middlest decided she REALLY needed one for her teacher so we had to buy a Venus Fly Trap and we are going to torture them tonight with Little Shop of Horrors he he he he I am SUCH a GREAT mom

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