Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines and relationships

As Valentines day approches thoughts turn to love..the squishy mushy you have to buy your Valentines Diamonds and chocolate or you dont love them kind of love. Not the everlasting tough and can't shake the foundation kind of love. I listen and watch other couples. I wonder do they truely see what they are doing to each other? Do they even really like each other? They speak disrespectfully to and of each other. Do you not realize what you do and how you make the other feel? No of course not. I know I am old fashioned in my ideas and most do not agree, BUT look at your relationship. Do you beat down each other with your words? Do you call or complain to others about them? Every time you do that you hurt your relationship even more.  Even more so you ask others to hate and dislike your partner. Ever though about that? When you call your friends or your mommy crying about your partner, you are only telling them bad things and so they will only see the bad when they look at your patner. Then you wonder why everyone hates them and thinks they are hateful toward you.
 I challange everyone to say at least something nice or loving to your " Other" each day. Watch what can happen to your relationship when you TRY to be nice to each other. Divorce rates are astronomical!!! Ever wonder why? I think it is because we do not know HOW to be married. Just TRY what do you have to lose??
Sorry about once again jumping on my soapbox about relationships.
BTW onw of the worse things you can do is to bash your partner on the internet. Imagine how many people will see that one!

I love my husband and im damn proud of it!!

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Living the G life! said...

AMEN! Jason and I have never even been in a fight our whole married life. We love each other too mch to say hurtful things, and life is too short to fight with the one you love most! :) So glad you have your prince too. Incredible marriages are few adn far between these days, so good to see my friend in one. Love ya! Oh and BTW I am just now getting on blogger after being off since before Chirstmas and you blog alot, SO I'll try to catch up on your post but if I don't make it, I still love you ha-ha!