Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today it has finally hit me that my baby is almost four. My BABY.
First. Could is possibly have been four years since I had her??

Second: How can four years have gone by so fast ?
This is my baby. She has just gotten so big. Some times a little to big.. for her britches at least.

So here we are planning her Fairy Birthday and I'm wondering where the time with my baby went.
Sometimes I stop and wonder why I quit working but then I remember.. I looked into her eyes one day and I realized she is probably the last baby I was going to have and I wanted to spend all the time I could with her and her sisters.
 Enjoying the short time I had with them before they went to school and grew up. She is my constant companion. We have a special bond that no one else has...not that I dont have a special bond with her sisters...ours is just diffrent. We do almost everything together from cooking and cleaning to errands and special outtings. She is my little buddy. My almost four year old and not my baby anymore little buddy.
*sigh* What is a mommy to do?

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