Monday, January 4, 2010

the last day of "Winter Break"

Well it's almost time... I have about 1hour before the girls go to bed and Christmas Break is officaly over. So sad!! I'll miss my little girls so much! hahahahah Sorry I forgot I was talking about myself. Babygirl and I have enjoyed our full house and the help cleaning up the messes little girls make, we are so glad to see them get back to thier normal schedule though. This has been a BUSY and crazy Christmas Vacation. Eldest spent most of the time with her mother (Thank Goodness she was well enough to do that!! They both needed time together) Middlest spent the night with Gramma and Pookieboo as well as a day with Nanna. We fit in a few geocaches, not as many as I would have liked but it got sooo cold!!! All that remains of the Christmas Decorations is the Christmas tree. That in itself takes a whole day to take down. No i'm not exaturating. We have a ton of ornaments some are Disney and come in special boxes others need to wrapped in bubble wrap ect ect ect. I am secrectly hoping that while I am at work on Thursday Big Daddy will do it... HOWEVER I am not sure if I really want that. hahah I love them man but he has a tendency to be rather clumsy. Anyways back to our last day together. We got the house cleaned, 15 min at a time and the sink sparkling, we have clothes set out for each day this week AND Breakfast and lunch already made for tomorrow. Now if I can only keep this up for the rest of the week I'll be happy and possibly less stressed but then what fun would I be?  Right now we are celebrating our last night together with Sloppy Joes and homemade Checkers french fries and of course Star Wars!! Tonight is RETURN OF THE JEDI!! Gotta love those Ewoks!! They are so tute and squishy!! Babygirl wants on to play with... mabe I should get on Amazon or Ebay and find her a Furby. Wouldn't that make life even funnier???
ADDITION:  Just looked on Amazon for a Furby hahah an Electronic Dancing GIZMO (for anyone who remebers those) cost 29.00 a FURBY..... ready.......??? The Cheapest one I saw was 79.00 new.. now an old used one was only 50.00 but come on people were they really that impressive??

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