Sunday, January 24, 2010


I try ( and fail a lot) to be a good friend. I try to write letters and email far away friends to keep up with them. I would say I call my friends that are close but I dont. I forget constantly. However there are times when a certin person just sticks in your head. I usually take this as a note from God that for some reason we are supposed to be part of each others lives.  This can be for years or just for a few months. I love these times. Getting to get to know someone and be there for them when they need you. I have so many friends that we kinda knew each other but one day it was like OKAY YOU NEED TO BE TOGETHER. Do any of you ever feel that way? Big Daddy loves me and he never questions when these times arise.  He understands my feelings and does what he can to support them. This week my dear friend Kitty was going back to the hospital. She's already been there so much and really had just gotten out. She was very upset about going back in for an extended about of time AGAIN so myself ,T and all of our girls got the idea to make her a basket. Now you'd have to understand how I am when someone needs something I am all in Litterly. I could spend Big Daddy's entire paycheck on cheering up someone or getting them things they need. We filled a laundry basket with fun things for her to do and snacks we thought she'd like. She was so overwhelmed. I just wonder sometimes why it's so surprising that someone would go to those lengths to make someone feel loved.  It's like a lot of marriages I see they only go so deep. The other does not hesitate before kicking you to the curb. Is it so hard to do something nice for a friend just to see them smile?  I don't count the cost of things I get or do for friends I do it because I love them. Doesn't matter if it's a 1$ for a glass of tea or a soda since im getting one too or 100$ worth of DVD's it doesn't matter. I got to see you smile and feel loved today. Why is that hard for people to do? People say I do it because I am a Christian and I am expected to do things like that. Hmmm. No. I think my mother taught me that love and sharing that love is the greatest thing you can do for someone. So when you go out to start your week. Look around at your family and/or Co Workers is there anything you could do to cheer them up?

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