Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inclimate weather

I can remeber when I was younger waking up to snow and running upstairs to ask mom if school had been cancled. It was soo hard to get on the bus when there was snow on the ground. If i remeber correctly the rule was anything over 3 inches we got a snowday if not we either had school or a delayed opening.  It was GREAT! well when we got out. hahah We had several huge hills we went sledding down. Man to be that young again!! Well all week they have been talking about the cold weather we are supposed to be getting and how it was going to be dangerous and icy the works. Tommorow is the day! All day the news has talked about how shelters, the hospital, the ulilitiy company and emergency responders are preparing for the possible two inches of snow we should get. TWO INCHES. My brother and his wife had 20 something inches where they live in Va. over Christmas and We in Huntsville are panicing about TWO inches. TWO whole inches. Then I remember this is Alabama. They only real snow my children have seen was when we went to Michigan. It was actually kinda funny. It snowed two inches while we were eatting dinner. Then when we woke up the next morning Eldest who was 9 or 10 at the time ran to look out the hotel window and yelled Did you know snow stays overnight?!! Then actually getting to play in snow, make a snow angel or a snowball those were all things she had seen on TV but never gotten the chance to do. She was in awe. Her mother asked how we were going to drive while we were up there... I had to explain snowplows. Picture someone who has NEVER seen a snowplow!!!  It's hard not to laugh out loud at the people who run to the store and stock up on Milk, Bread, and eggs instead of Gas, and batteries. Let alone when they close school in anticipation of two inches of snow. This is North Alabama, who knows how weird things will get. Much Love! Stay Warm!! If we have power i'll be back tomorrow if not... well when it comes back i'll be here. Maybe with pictures of the new fallen snow.

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Lindsay said...

For the 2 years we lived in SC, we had snow fall once and it didn't even stick to the ground...but boy oh boy did everyone panic! We went to Wal-Mart and just watched everyone go nuts. I really enjoy snow, so I am glad to be back in Ohio...we're supposed to get 5+ inches tomorrow (and we already have 7!) and I am sooo excited! I hope you're kiddos get to play in the snow and have lots of fun!