Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cache Monday

Cache Monday is an every other week event that "the girls" all get together and do. This week we invaded Decatur. Man I know there are some cache groups that can do like 100 in a day we did not even come close to that! However we did get between 13 and 16 depending on the person. Thats a record for Team Pookieboo :).We picked up and friend and went to hunting with my two girlfriends, Big Daddy, and 4 children between the ages of 24 months and 6 years. It was crazy Chaos and we had so much fun! This is what caching is about wading through mud, crawling around barefoot in 50 degree weather. Oh and sneaking around cemetary's in the dark looking for micros. Words of Advice. If you cache with kids bring extra clothes, especially socks and don't be surprised if they run head first into the first mud puddle they see. We still have a cache we can't find and now i am a little annoyed...it's like 30 min away and it's buried... i am debating on what we need to find this cache. hmmmm wondering will continue.

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