Saturday, January 16, 2010

that peaceful easy feeling

As you know most mornings Big Daddy gets up early gets the girls going and starts breakfast. This is a leftover habit from being pregnate I absolutly HATED the smell of breakfast cooking it made me soo sick to my stomach!! Anyways it's still so hard for me to get up and get going in the mornings. Today I am having a friends children over for a play day. Both are around the same age as middlest and babygirl. Both parents are working and they are coming over super early. Meaning of course I had to get up early. It was so great I got up this morning and took my tea out on the front porch . It also was nice and cool this morning and not Artic freezing cold as it has been. Oh how I miss the mornings like this. No children calling for bottoms to be wiped. Just the birds slowly waking and calling good mornings to the sun asking it to rise with them. It was so awesome. It was a morning that reminds us that Spring is not far away. Maybe I will start going to bed earlier and striving to spend more mornings on the porch and less in my nice cozy bed. Regardless it was a lot nicer to wake up before the kids instead of in the midst of the morning where are my clothes, i dont want oatmeal for breakfast drama that the girls are so good at. I love my girls but man are they good at that :)

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