Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nerd Night

Tonight is Timothy's online game that he runs. I love picking on him by calling it Nerd Night instead of bi-monthly get together. Can't call it guys night because a few women play as well. I love my husband I love his friends and if he wants to play an online role playing game with some friends a few nights a month then that is just fine with me. I love cooking and entertaining so I get to cook for people and entertain then go have ME time!!! I don't play the game so before game everyone comes to eat and visit then they get down for bussiness. I pop in the living room set out fresh ice, appitizers, then set out dessert. The younger girls go to bed 30 min early. I love it!! I get the evening to myself, I could go to the book store, scrapbook classes but mostly I hide in my bedroom and watch girl movies and give myself facials and pedicures. It is just so great!!! GO NERDS!!!!!


sarah said...

my husband started playing travian- have you heard of it? it TOOK OVER HIS LIFE. for seven months, he was on his computer/phone non stop. he'd sometimes wake up early just to make sure everything was going ok in his game. after six months, i asked that he quit as a birthday gift to me. HE REFUSED!! the game finally ended about a month later.

since then, online role-playing games have been banned in this house.

so now? now? he plays bloodbowl. not an ONLINE role playing game. just a role playing game. he sure did get by on that technicality.

and, wow. this is a really long comment.

Rachael said...

Big Daddy plays Travian too :). Although he isn't that bad. This is... ugh i can't think of the name something about Vampires (kinda like D&D) He has friends in Tennessee so they play over skype. It's very intresting how they do it.