Saturday, January 9, 2010

New do New mood

It's a new year and I needed a new do

New hair cuts can be very ....well the only thing I can think of is releasing. You can feel the stress being snipped off. I feel so much better already.  Back to back snowdays right after Christmas break can be a little stressfull.
Other than getting my hair done it's been a very relaxing weekend so far. Big Daddy is making baked chicken and rice for dinner . Eldest is spending the night with her momma and We have FAME qued up and waiting for the little girls to go to bed. I'm sooo excited to just rest and enjoy my clean and hopefully quiet house. Well as quiet as it can possibly get with all the faucets running. It's still super cold outside so we've left the faucets running all day long instead of just at night. *sigh*  At least we have snow. Soon it will just be cold and nothing to show for it.

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