Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a great day.

my morning started:  still in bed snuggly and warm dreaming away, the alarm hasn't gone off yet. When all the sudden. *knock Knock*
mommy: Yes babe (very sleeply)
Eldest: I don't think Babygirl feels good
Mommy: (hurrying out of bed) Okay... Whats wrong?
Eldest: I think she has an upset tummy
Mommy: (getting dressed in a rush) okay... wait why do you think that.. she isn't crying...
Eldest: Well.. she puked all over the bedroom floor
Mommy: (rushing out of the bedroom) Oh...hahah well I guess thats a good indication.
Eldest: yep.

Oh yeah it's gonna be a great morning. My favorite part though was when Eldest reached out to hug her sister before leaving for school and she puked on her hands. That was the highlight. I think Eldest will enjoy being at school today.


Lindsay said...

I hope the day got better and Babygirl feels better!

Mommas Soapbox said...

Ah poor baby!!! It's so hard when little ones are sick. Hope she is feeling better.