Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOoooooooong Week

Well it has been a very long week. If it wasn't for the regularaly scheduled activities such as tutoring Im not sure I would know what day it was. On Tuesday my mother had surgery to remove a VERY large bone spur from her sholder. So Babygirl and I have been over helping her out. Mother is a good patient and babygirl is a good helper. At this moment babygirl and mom are coloring together... mom left handed (it was her right that she had surgery on.)So I can't tell whose picture belongs to whom.  Mom is telling babygirl she wants a yellow crayon and babygirl is explaining that she is just going to have to do without a yellow crayon. Mom is now yelling and pouting about how she wont give her a yellow crayon. *sigh* Yesterday it was the celing fan having been moved. Today it's crayons. Lord please keep me sane today. I think im going to need it.

Today is also my bestest little girls Birthday.. Baby A turns two today. She is sooooo big!  Happy Birthday baby doll!! Chael loves you!!

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