Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fly mommy fly!

We started the FLY program the first week of Janurary. I'm getting there!! My sink is shined each night before bed and I'm dressed including shoes each morning. So far what has really stuck with me and made a diffrence is 15 min at a time. I have discovered this is just the perfect amount of time for me. It gives me enough time to clean and then rest and allow my back and knees to rest before starting another 15 min. I know this is not exactally how FLY LADY invisioned it but it's working! My kitchen is clean there are no dishes stacked and the floor has been swept and mopped. I am so excited to see progress!! Babygirl loves this program as well she LOVES helping mommy clean. Let me tell you I think she might just be a better bathroom cleaner than her older sisters!! Now if only she'd direct that energy to cleaning her room!
      In other news reports cards came in yesterday. I am proud to say the lowest grade was an 89!!! We celebrated with Latin and Strawberry shortcake.. oh and Corned Beef and Cabbage. I know I know PLEASE don't yell at me. I haven't made it in like six months and Middlest has been begging so I gave in. It was celebratory!! and soooooooooo yummy :P I promise not to make it again until March and then I'm going all out baby!!!!
     Ya'll have a GREAT evening or morning!! Don't forget we are also on Facebook so you can keep up with us there as well.

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