Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a weekend!!!

Since Babygirl was sick on Wednesday I traded days at Wise Scrappers with one of my co workers to work on Friday, since i wasn't sure how quickly babygirl would get over her bug. Well that turned out to be a good thing because about 5:30pm Thursday afternoon we had a SURPRISE tornado hit our little town. Now living in the south you learn to keep an eye on the weather during the spring and fall you also learn which areas get torndaos vs. others. For instance we live within 2 miles of two elementry schools when we get a torndao storm in they always seem to start forming over the schools (none have been hit THANK GOD) but seem to miss us.. doesn't mean we dont head out of the area. However there are sometimes when a storm comes in and you think well the weather is favoriable but the weathermen say NO CHANCE. So far this has happened 3x while living here the day Ri came home from the hospital, once 2 years ago in Feb, and this time. Thursday we were doing homework and probably watching NCIS when Eldest's mom called to let us know the sirens were going off and to ask where we were going to go. Sirens??? I just go off the news web site (they do live weather streaming)  they said abosultley no tornados. She laughed and said idk but they are going off so we quickly change the channel and Dan the Man is talking about how all the sudden we have a hook echo and it's starting to form a i'll just call it head.. they are showing this as its happening so try to keep up here...they are talking about how this is near 565 heading toward downtown and could fully form and touch HOLY SHIT WAS THAT A LIGHT BURST (this is the two news men ON AIR) OH MY GOD THERE IS A TORNDAO ON THE GROUND IN DOWNTOWN HEADING TOWARD OAKWOOK (where eldest mom lives!! I called her and told her to take cover missed her by a few blocks) I am almost in tears calling everyone ) THE TORNADO IS HEADING THROUGH FIVE POINTS LOOK AT IT GO ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?? ( this is freaking rush hour!!!!!!! the torndao is going up the busiest parts of town during rush hour!! ) to make a long story short NO ONE WAS KILLED ?? Is that not amazing? It was a EF2 tornado not a big one but still... and we got to see it on TV. When we were guarenteed there would not be any tornado's. We joked later that it was like God said no tornados huh? Mr. Smarty pants weather man i'll show you!!!!!! We were all safe but sometimes you just never know when something like that can happen.
            Saturday Team pookieboo split up the little girls and I met Tonya's Crew and Katnbogie at a Local restraunt for a Geocachers meeting and a little fun day before we met our friend at the hospital. Big Daddy and Eldest took a friend geocaching. They had so much fun and found a few caches. We had a BLAST we had a soo yummy lunch and then met at the hospital were we took kitty her basket and played Old Maid. The girls thought we were a little crazy I think but we all had sooo much fun.
 Today I caught up on my writing and went grocery shopping. we also looked at house. Has possibilities however we have to weigh sweat vs. cost. debating right now. Gonna have to let you know more about that later. For now i'm itchy and had to take benedryl so im gonna find my new book and crash for the night!

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