Friday, January 8, 2010

The great snow storm of 2010!!

The great a snowstorm hit. Panic insued. Schools and businesses closed. All over maybe 2 inches of snow. The girls had a blast though. My inventive daughters got a boogie board and a TOTES lid and attemtepd to go sledding. I think it just might have worked.. if we had gotten enough snow. By the end of the day though with all the sledding they had done they made a good layer of ice on the road. Enough that Big Daddy slipped and fell on his back while trying to push eldest down the hill. The girls tried making a snowman, tried a snowball fight, drank marshmellow topped hot chocolate I think we about covered the bases. School is out again today. Icy roads. So we are watching movies and cleaning house all day. Sounds like a blast eh?  Here are some pictures of our beautiful snowday. Now someone send us more snow over the weekend. Just give me a little warning so I can go get my hair cut and get groceries first. Thanks!!!

This is our baby Indiana with her pretty new coat out playing in all the snow.

Eldest trying to sled on a TOTES lid, on the not so snow covered road.

Babygirl and Middlest trying to pull eldest down the hill. Cause what are little sisters good for if it's not to make them do silly things?!
Eldest push herself and babygirl down the hill...notice the hot chocolate face of babygirl?

Middlest trying to snow surf.
Babygirl trying to go down the hill by herself. Once again notice the face?

Have a great day!! Pray for me . We sooo should have had school. I think the girls need more time away from eachother.

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