Monday, September 14, 2009

Super tragic

So because of my still unknown hormone issues the Doctor has decided that since my medication works with the exception of a week before and a week after my cycle that I need to be on a special diet that is supposed to lower anxiety and help counteract the funky hormones. This means that when I start feeling edgy I start on this "diet". Sounds good EXCEPT that it is no chocolate, low caffeine, low salt, low fat foods. It's fine to follow this during the other 3-4 weeks of the month but when you are PMSing? this is pure hellish torture. Not only do i revert back to my Mrs. Hyde totally crazy run for the hills self but I can't have anything that I'm really craving. Which makes me even more crazy and psycho! Now looking at me you wouldn't think that I worry about what I eat but I do. I make sure to eat healthy well balanced meals.. my problem is that I forget to eat hahaha. I cut out all this stuff that the doctor and my mom said would just make the weight fall off if i do such as you know McDonalds, Cokes, etc... and what happens I gain weight!!! You know the slim quick commercials where the guy an or the friend loose lots of weight by only drinking water the other lady cuts everything out and gains.. yeah thats me. Now I like feeling healthier and so I make healthy meals and only occasionally make things like mashed potatoes, and lasagna. I just think it's funny that the one time a month I should be allowed to eat what I want I find out it will make my hormones worse.. so I can't! ITS A CONSPIRACY!

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