Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cake and God.

Todays Bible lesson was God made the Earth. Seemed simple and fun enough for Baby Girl. We took an empty bowl and talked about how God started out with nothing... the space was empty. The He made the Earth.. pour in the Cake mix and swirl it around with our fingers. Then God added water to make Oceans and Rivers..pour in the water... Then God added fruit and trees.. add the veggie oil. then God added animals... add in the eggs. It still doesn't look right. Baby Girl: you have to mix it up together mommy! Just wait baby.. Then God needed someone to watch over and take care of everything so God made Adam out of the dirt... now stir it up. I pour it into the pan and tell her..When we all work together for God and do what he made us to do everything comes together and makes a beautiful world! Thinking this was a great activity I am a great mom, cooking with my baby girl and a bible lesson mixed in this is just GREAT. Then just to refresh and try to make the lesson stick better. while we are cleaning up I ask Baby Girl... What did God do? Baby Girl says.. God Made Cake mommy. Duh!!!

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