Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Praise God for Family!

Tim's mother like most is very particular about spending time with the girls, and weekends are usually very busy.. she often likes to take the girls out for dinner during the week. Thank the LORD!! Tonight just happens to be that night! Also Tim is tutoring on Wednesdays now. So I am all alone is a house that has by some miracle stayed clean for over 10 minuets! The house is quiet. There are no kids screaming at each-other so the dogs are nice and quiet for once. This is just awesome!!! Do you think I can convince her to take them every night?? I'm just joking!
Growing up as an Army brat I didn't have the opportunity to get to know my grandparents the way other kids got to. I love the fact that our children have that. It's nice knowing that they get that type of bonding. Being from a family that didn't have the extended family holidays it can get a little hairy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But overall it's a great feeling knowing that on any given day the girls can see their Grandparents.. both sets. They will be able to tell their kids Nanna taught me how to decorate a cake , Pookie boo taught me how to fish and drive a boat, Gramma taught me how to sew and always took us on great adventures. I am a little jealous of my kids now that I think about it. I recently lost my Grandmother and while it was expected it struck me how little I knew of her and her life, how little time I got to spend with her. It really made me realize that while I often have trouble fitting in time for the girls to see their Grandparents how special that is and how I need to be encouraging and understanding.

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