Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flustered at the vacuum

Why is it that NO ONE knows how to empty the dust canister in the Vacuum cleaner? Tim bought me one of those newer froo-froo vacuum cleaners with the easy clean dust canister instead of the bag kind. Now why in the world they even created these i'll never know. As far as i've seen with these things all they do is aggravate my allergies more with all the dust and pet hair I have to clean out if it. The bag was so much neat and cleaner. Pop the sucker out put a new one in, none of this washing and emptying 50 different filters. UGH!!! The canister is also very small we have two VERY fluffy dogs who love to shed all over everything, not to mention 4 other very messy people. I have to empty the canister twice just to clean my small living room. At least with the bag I could ignore it for a week. In one week I have to clean out the vacuum cleaner 14 times. Thats just the living room! Although I do like that when I suck up a small beloved toy (that was ignored until it got sucked up) is easily dug out. I love my children and my dear husband especially when they save my back and vacuum for me but they NEVER empty the filter during or after they do. that adds a THIRD emptying out to the count..and oh I almost forgot since they didn't empty the canister during their nice sweet helping the vacuum is now clogged up and so I must dig all the gunk out. YEA me and my lovely allergies!

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