Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy weekends and a possible new family member

Weekends at the Hardin home are typically very busy times. If we are not out running errands going to games, parties ect. then we are off geocaching. Normally though they are a combination of all of the above. This weekend we spent Saturday at pookie boo's house. Gramma was coming home!!! Before we went there though we had to stop by our favorite Saturday event.. The Farmers Market!!! The oldest wasn't able to meet "the flour girl" last week so we stopped by so she could tase the amazing yummies. She had Peanut Butter brownies as big as my hand!!! So good!! We all split one. At pookie boo's we spent the day cleaning gutters and tidying up the house for Gramma's arrival. Other than a slight accident with a ladder I think we did pretty good. Bonus I had time before the football games to introduce her to Bill and Ted. EXCELLENT! She found it had to belive people actually talked that way. Then the football games start! woo hooo. I am so glad that at least one of my children takes after me and recognizes that the best part of football season is Pookie Boo's pink dip! She yelled at him during the entire game about the lack thereof , maybe next weekend he will remember. Today we are going to eat lunch with Tim's parents at thier church. The girls are so excited about seeing Nana and Grumpa. The oldest is getting to go to the movies with her cousin so she misses lunch. Then we are stopping by a lady we go to church with's house. She is moving and needs us to take a bunch of craft stuff over to my mothers house. We may also be bringing home one of her babies. where she is moving to she can only take one. So she asked if we would give a home to her cat Mimi. The girls are exstatic they have been wanting a cat. Tim however is glad that we can help out a friend that needs us. More later after some caches and Nana's house. We always have so much to share after being over there!!!!!!!!

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