Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just me and my girl once again.

Today everyone went back to work and school after a week long break to go to KC. Just momma/baby time again. Ahhh. Peace and quiet..well relative (a three year old makes a LOT of noise). Just one child, what will I do with myself?! Well the first thing I must do is get poop off little one's shoe..EWWWWW. I think the dog walkers are going to have a talkin to. We are sitting outside in the peace and quiet. Let me tell you this child is Pig Pen in real life. the very first thing she does after slamming the door is run to the nearest mud puddle or biggest pile of dirt she can find and roll in it . I absolutely love her enthusiasm for life. She just runs and runs never stopping. That might be because I took pity on her and gave her Iced tea and half a moon pie :), but come on we live in the south isn't that what you are supposed to have? She is riding her tricycle around the yard right now singing just in her own little world. It just makes me smile. She is such an amazement just watching her fills me with joy and wonder. How can someone so fearless be afraid of spiders and woo-woos??? The joys of having a three year old. Well it's time to go in , I'm being told its hot and we need to go wash da wast unico-n. Her favorite movie for this week and maybe get a little cleaning snuck in between snuggles.

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