Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy weekends

This weekend we had planned on taking the girls to Chattanooga to visit a friend who is moving. Well we forgot that we have kids and things never go as planned. The middle one had some allergie issues and it was supposed to be rainy all day so that ruined those plans. Lucky for me the fall craft show was in town!!!  So I was able to do a little early Christmas shopping!! Then since we couldn't go to the Mellow Mushroom in Chattanooga (our fav place there!!) we went to the one by our house. It was soooo worth the heartburn I had all night because of it. We also bought a few new movies for a movie/ game night!! We had such a blast!! We learned how to spell pie and that Harry and the Hendersons is terrifying for a 3yr old but 101 dalmations isn't.. dont ask me why I think Cruella DeVille is wayyyyy scarier than Harry but i'm not 3 so...  Then today Sunday we got an intresting phone call.. Tim's parents usually call wanting us to come over for dinner but today they asked if we could all go bowling!! The littler girls had never been bowling we had been putting it off due to thier age's and a terrifying thing I saw a 5 year old do when I was a child care teacher. We all had such a blast!!! I love bowling but i STINK,  so i don't like to go since im usually the worst in the bunch!! With this group though I'd say i was about average I forgot how much fun it is to play when EVERYONE sucks!! It was great!!! I can't wait to go again!!! I love family weekends where we really have nothing to do and spend the whole time together!

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