Monday, September 14, 2009

Pyscho Monday

Last night was Mimi's first night in the crazy Hardin house. Tim's allergies (non cat related) were acting up and so Mimi and I got to spend our first night alone together. She is a very sweet and social girl. She loves to lick and rub against you and knead on you...esp. in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep. Overall it went very well. Today was National Anthem day at the girls school. The appropriate clothing for each little girls was set out...and it was pouring down rain. Looks like we are going in car rider line. The girls are excited jumping and screaming yea! There is also NO TEA! Some need coffee to kick off their day, I am a southern girl I need a big huge glass of Iced Tea. Into the pouring rain to start our fun and joyful Monday. We fight over who sits where and when we need to buckle by and why we have water instead of Capri Suns. It's a great morning. We finally get through car rider line and I once again am SOOO glad to see my precious angels GO AWAY. It's now ONLY 8-am. We are supposed to be at the school by 9-am to see the school sing the national anthem EXCEPT that now it's been moved inside and there isn't enough room for parents. YES!! Two hours of bliss.. just momma/baby time. Nothing to do except laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and cleaning of you know everything. However my sweet little girl has other plans, apparently she has been neglected over the weekend and is demanding some attn. She decided The WAST UNICOWN and snuggling in mommas bed is much more important. Who am I to disagree?
A hour later it's time to head over to our friends house to finish getting her craft things to move them over to mom's house. On the way I remember it's Monday.. this means the oldest has Running Club and we all forgot, this also means the younger schooler will have to ride the bus alone. Not a big issue except that I'm worried what will happen since she thinks her sister will be on the bus with her. We finally get to said friend's house and I try to call Tim. He has is headphones in and doesn't answer the phone. CRAP. I don't have the schools number on the cell phone I'm borrowing because Tim stole mine!!!!! Okay. Breathe. who can I call that can tell Eldest about staying late. HER MOTHER! So I foist the job off of on her. Oh the advantages to being a Stepmother on good terms with Bio Mom! Okay got that situation dealt with and I can deal with the other schooler later once I get home. We get all Friend's stuff piled into mine and mom's car. Only one typical Rachael incident. I accidently stepped on a paint lid and unknowingly tracked paint through the garage and all the way across the yard to my car. Good thing it's still pouring rain so that it will wash away before the house goes up for sale. We finally get home about 1pm. I check the caller ID to see who called because Mediacom STILL hasn't hooked our voice messaging back up. UH_OH the school. CRAP! I call the school.. they have no idea which of the girls called but no one was sick so.. thats good right? I go back to checking the numbers eldest' mom has called. hmmmm... okay. I call her to see what's going on and maybe find out why the school has called. She states that eldest wanted to let me know she had gotten my message and that I needed to pick her up at 3:10. okay sounds good. Give littlest a short nap while waiting for the bus to drop off the younger school ager. okay! I got this in hand. Breathe again. OH CRAP! DID SHE SAY 3:10?! What do you mean 3:10 the bus doesn't get here until 3:30!! Okay call the school back apologize for sounding like some crazy looney bin stalker. Ask them to tell youngest schooler that she is going to have to be a car rider for the very first time and remind her what her number is. Knowing that a 5 year old isn't going to remember her number the first time. Well thats taken care of. Littlest wont be able to take a nap.. but we'll get through this. Wait. I don't know what time school gets out! Once again I'm not a bad mom.. the girls ride the bus, I know it starts at 7:45 and I make sure they are outside by 7:00. However the bus doesn't get home until 3:30 so i know it's 2:30/2:45 because it takes about an hour. So I get ready to go pick up youngest..hmm baby is awful quiet for playing with her dolls. GREAT. She is asleep and she is the cranky sort. We finally make it to the school and far enough in the line for them to read the numbers. We scoot up. Kids run out.. except mine. Dang it! I KNEW this was going to happen. I am finally able to flag a teacher down and explain that I needed youngest and this was her first time in car rider. They call her name and she dances out saying hi and hugging everyone. Finally spotting us and dances to the car. Now it's 2:50. We drive around and park to go in and pick up eldest. We finally found where they were running drills. We sit and wait. I have my book the little ones have each-other. we wait. Soon the gym goes quiet. no one comes out.. no parents are in the hall. So we decide they are just having a talking time. We wait a bit longer. Still no parents. Still no kids. hmmm. We look in the gym window no one is there! CRAP! HOW ON EARTH DO YOU LOSE 20 SCREAMING 3-5TH GRADERS!!!!!!!! So now we head to the office to find where they have gone. Apparently Running club has their own car rider line. So now i have to go get the girls back in the van.. fighting over who sits where blah blah blah. We are finally able to get eldest who is laughing hysterically about the day i've had. Way to make me feel better babe! Finally we get home and get homework and supper started. I am still wound up because well thats how I work. Eldest is having trouble with her homework so she asks for help. Looks simple enough she is doing contractions this week in spelling. hahah I look at the paper and ho ho we have to sort them into, nouns, pronouns, and verbs. ha-ha I think this one will wait for later! Especially since I need to breakout the computer and look up what exactly a pronoun is. Noun I got, Verbs I got... but after that they get a little foggy. So she skips over those and we toil on.. did i mention the younger 2 girls have decided that playing/ cleaning the room isn't an option and are running around the house screaming and throwing things at each-other. So I am now doing 5th grade math, cooking dinner, trying to clean up before daddy gets home so it looks like i did SOMETHING today, and trying to clam down two little girls and two barking dogs and convince them that playing in the room is FUN and Sissy needs to do homework. Doesn't work. Daddy gets home FINALLY. Momma and Sissy are only slightly crazy and he says maybe if you calm down the girls will listen better. hahahahah If he only knew! Once he got a small dose of of kiddies he decided Mommy needed a free night and some West Wing. He may be slow sometimes but he always figures out a solution in the end.


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