Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Min surprises

I thought I was already for this week. Lunches are made. Backpack's filled. Clothes are set out. what else could I possibly do?? Then I get the email from my kids' school. Tomorrow is Grandparents day at school. Grandparents are invited to come and eat lunch with their little ones and be shown off. All the Grandparents in our family work..except one. I sent in a yes just in case and then let it slip my mind. My Grandmother had been VERY ill, she passed away last week. My mother has been living in KC for a month helping to take care of her parents. We are all very proud of her dedication to and love for her family. I had hoped she would be home by now however due to circumstances she is not able to come home. It is understandable and I was afraid this would happen so I took precautions and didn't mention it to the school age children. But still by forgetting it I made it worse because I didn't ask their other grandparents. HOWEVER in my own defence this has not been the easiest time. So now do i just let it go or mention it to the youngest school-er or just hope she doesn't notice??? THIS IS THE REASON I CANT SLEEP!!! Then I saw we had a Geocache dinner on Wednesday. GREAT! Something else I've forgotten!! I then saw school picture time was here. Not being here last week I missed that reminder note. Usually Pictures are not that big of a deal BUT the only nice dresses the girls have are funeral ones (and no I'm not a bad mother they just grow to dang much!). I really don't feel that is the kind of pictures I want to send out in the Christmas cards. So being the budget thrifty wife I am, and the fact after a week long trip to KC I'm broke I decide that I'm going to have to make them dresses.. make since. I have PLENTY of Fall material then I remember we have company coming this week AND that dinner. Dang. Well It's a good thing Stay at home mom's have PLENTY of time during the day to sew right?! Ever tried to sew dresses with a three year old under your feet? Not exactly easy. I know the Lord is watching over me week and I will find peace in the Insanity. Good thing Tim likes to cut out dress pattern's

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