Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is FINALLY here!!

The cool mornings.. that smell in the air.. the leaves starting to change.. IT IS FALL!!! Unfortunally in our house that means time for me to wash ALL the kids clothes and get them all sorted into piles for storage.. Then we bring all the winter clothes in from storage and I have to wash all of those as well!! woohooo!!!  Big mess that takes months to do anything with.
     The girls have decided on their trick or treat costumes We are going to be SUPER GIRLS and Super Villians. Daddy and Eldest put their foot down about dressing in tights and such.. If i can wait for the bus Dressed as a Super Girl then why can't they.. oh yeah cause they arn't mommies. I think that eventually nothing embarrasses mom's anymore. We had some of our friends over last week all have been around the girls before but only one had been around them at our HOUSE. heh Middle Daughter my precious little girl decided for once to remember that her dirty clothes go in the laundry room and ran through the house nekkied. I just laughed. Wasnt much to say except welcome to our house yes it's always like this :D.  Super costumes seem easy enough I guess we will just have to see. The villians are the one's i think will be hard. Tim thinks he should be Lex Luther and shave his head. Not Gonna Happen Bud!!
to be continued.....

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