Friday, September 4, 2009

Kansas City to Madison

Over the weekend I discovered my love for DVD players. We were on a 10-12 hour car trip back home from Kansas City stopping briefly in St. Louis so we could visit the Arch. About two hours out of Kansas City the " Are we there yet" question was getting asked. This did not bode well. Number 1 had already gotten her hair pulled and so she plugged herself into the MP3 player and dug out her leftover school work. Now you have to understand her.. she LOVES school but hates homework so this was a big thing. By the time we finally reached St. Louis we had already had 3 potty stops and a HUGE crayon fight and the head ripped off a Princess doll and listened to every veggietales cd we had. Four hours into the trip and Tim and I were already discussing who would get to be left in St. Louis and who would have to take the kids home :). We decided to stick it out a little while longer.. naptime is here they've been potty and fed Surely they will nap right? Nope. They colored all over the van beat each other with coloring books and took the wax from the baby belle cheese mommy gave them to bribe them into silence and smooshed it into the speakers! At this point Tim put my Folk music C.D. on to try and stop the steam from coming out of my ears. #1 is still buried in her own little world trying her best to ignore the fact she is stuck in a car with her sisters. The only thing she says other than can I grab a coke is "when we get home can I go straight to my mamma's house". We finally get to Clarksville Tn. There is a BAD accident traffic backed up for miles. So we stop to gas up and take the little ones potty. Tim drags me kicking and screaming back into the car which i'm now calling the 5th level of hell. Tim has also decided that he is going to blaze his own path around the traffic. I think okay we have GPS how bad can this get. HE TURNS IT OFF. Trusting his own manly instinct he try's to drive through Clarksville back to the interstate by passing the traffic. By now I can feel the gray hairs coming. I now have Van Morrison playing as loud as I can in some desperate attempt to block out the fighting children coming from behind me. We get through to Nashville FINALLY. The girls still haven't taken a nap and # 1 has finally taken off the headphones although i think that might have had something to do with the fact she ran out of work and battery power. :) She then proceeds to ask what is the big deal with learning how to sew and take care of a house. Then she says that Daddy is much more important in our house because Stay at homes don't really do anything. hmm... Time for Elizabethtown soundtrack. By now it's 9pm the girls are now giggling hysterically about something imaginary on #1's head they still haven't taken a nap and #1 has now changed her statement to Daddy has brain smarts and not common since and meme has common since and not brain smarts. hmmm... i think i am going to replay Elizabethtown. Finally we are home safe and sound. The little girls finally fell asleep 20 min from home. We carry in the littlest who lifts her head up just long enough to say hi Geni im home and pass back out. We get them all tucked into bed and I watch them sleep I remember why I love them so much. Until they woke me up at 6am.

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