Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where are my Children?

In the afternoon's I usually have cleaning to do, supper to make, and homework to help with so typically if the weather is nice and homework is done the girls take Indiana and go outside to play. They have VERY specific boundries to stay within and there is the barking muppet that lets me know if someone strange is in the year. Not to mention 3 girls can get VERY loud. I check on them about every 10 to 15 min sooner if they are quiet. Today was no exception. They all took thier very loud and rowdy selves outside to play. THANK GOODNESS. So when everything was very silent...oddly silent.. and I went outside and saw...

No children. The dog is there but not the kids. Now I took allergy medicine today and Yes i am a bit foggy. But I did worry when I did not see them. Like I said VERY strict bounderies.
then I focused and saw....
A fort. How cool!!
So I being the cool fun loving mommy I am thought i'd investigate.

They took various chair's, Car mats, and the cushion from my porch swing to form thier fortess. They told me they were hiding from the wind. I want to know who let them watch "The Happening". I still get chills when the wind blows through the trees in that errie way. UGH... Anyways soon after I got the tour they decided the fort was to small. So...

They tore it down to rebuild it. Then decided to play tag. I started sneezing and ran back inside where it was safe.

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