Sunday, March 28, 2010

family bloggers

Every one in the house thought (well thinks) it's funny that I started blogging as a release and a way to keep long distance family up to date with the crazy nutty things that happen mostly on a daily basis. Now I can proudly say I am rubbing off. Not only does eldest roll her eyes and caution you may end up being blogged about if you are not careful but now Big Daddy has his own blog. I am not going to promote it because well there is a reason I protect my identity. So now we are a family of bloggers. YEA!!
the family that blogs together stays together? It's kinda funny he sits with his lap top blogging and I am in the seat next to hit doing the same. We talk but only through instant messanger (only while blogging) and it's such silly things like can you get me more water you drank all mine. *sigh* What fun hahahaha.

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