Friday, March 19, 2010

We FINALLY got the Princess and the Frog!!

From mommy: I finally bought the Princess and the Frog for my sweet precious little perfect angels. notice the scarcasm?They also scammed me into buying Tiana shirts and sunglasses so we could all look like Tiana!
From Middlest and BigGwrl: We are sooo excited! Daddy is having friends over so we are going to pick out special pizza, and make popcorn AND drink SODA in MOMMYS ROOM all night! We are gonna stay up SUPER late! and watch lots of princess movies and never ever go to sleep!! We are gonna watch Tiana all night too! Over and Over again! Mommy thinks we'll poop out but we arn't gonna. Mommy buyed us Tiana shirts and sunglasses so we could be princess too and daddy sayed did you buy ALL the tiana stuff but we didn't cause Aunt Oregon buyed BigGwrl a TIANA BARBIE! AND a TIANA AND a Tiana BOOK so we didnt need those. okay mommy we are done. can we have some candy too? Please we love you mommy! You're the Bestest mommy in the whole world! We love you all the way to Vancouver!! PLEASE!!!

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