Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting back in the swing

Due to spring break and mom's surgery and both mine and Biggwls colds it's been almost 3 weeks since
we could go swimmy. Man we got on it today. I am sooo sore! I wore Biggwrl out. When we came homw she napped for about 4 hours!!! We got quite a few laps in before our time was up. But man that water was so warm and I didnt want to leave.. it was snowing outside. Im sorry but SNOW come on!! Saturday I wore a SUNDRESS yes a SUNDRESS and today it was snowing! and Im not talking about oh look a flake im talking SNOWING. Luckly it did not stick. It's supposed to start warming up soon though... hopefully. The agenda for tomorrow? Nothing. Perhaps I'll actually get some house cleaning done... hahah yeah right BigGwrl and I will end up snuggin watching Princess and the Frog all day. Over and over and over and over.. you know house cleaning does sound good.

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