Thursday, March 11, 2010

Secret Boyfriend!! WHAT?

As everyone is aware i've been helping my mom out this week after her surgery. Tonight Big Daddy had some errands to run so I suggested he take BigGwrl since he hadn't seen much of her and well I wanted to spend time alone with Middlest. She is very VERY particular about the fact biggwrl gets to spend time with mommy and she doesn't. We had a great time! She brought a special book on the olympics home. I was so proud!! You could actually read most of the words. While we were sharing about our day she decided to bare her soul and tell me a secrect about Eldest!! Of course mommy wanted to hear Eldest's secrect!! Well she said There is a BOY on the bus that likes Eldest and she likes HIM! AND he tries to hold her hand!!!!!!!! AND He sits next to her on the bus! OH MY GOODNESS I gasp! Does he try to kiss her? No she told me, cause if boys kiss us we are supposed to smack them and Eldest hasn't. So now Mommy is VERY VERY courious. And slightly afraid to tell Big Daddy!! Can you imagine telling Big Daddy his daughter has a secrect boyfriend?? I could not get to the bottom of this mystery because she was at a special program tonight so I had to wait until she got home. I offered to get her from the school since Big Daddy was busy at the moment. As soon as she is in the car though HAHAHAH she was all mine. So how was school I asked? nothing but normal stuff. DAMN! okay well me being me just came out with it. So Sissy tells me you have a secrect boyfriend. WHAT???? What are you talking about?!??! I should point out she is SCREAMING this hahah So I said your sister told me all about @#$%$^ and how he is your boyfriend cause he likes you and you like him and all that stuff. She is now GAGGING! Apparently this is one of those one sided things. He is MADLY in love with her and she thinks he is well disgusting to be polite. She CAN NOT STAND this young man and she is stuck in the age old no matter how many times I tell him I hate him he STILL trys to sit by me and tells me he likes me. Poor Child!! I always hated that growing up. Its so hard being beautiful!

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