Friday, March 5, 2010

I love my kids

Thanks to public school my children have shared their school germs with me. They infected me with the left side cold. Its a rare exotic cold that only affects the life side of your body. Left ear, Left tonsil and left side of my nose. It's a little weird. But when do I ever do anything normal? No swimming for me for a few days. I'm a little bummed because I was just starting to make friends and get into a routine. I think it's because of my vitamins. I always ALWAYS get sick after I start Vitamins. ALWAYS. Big Daddy says he love me and he's taking care of me. I think he's trying to poison me. Last night it was a Hot Toddy heavy on the Jack. I know your thinking okay... BUT I can't drink. My meds have made my tolerance for liquor like zip. Besides I try hard not to drink because I like to drink. He also gave me kiddy Dimetapp which tastes like poisoned grape kool aide. Tonight it was Theraflu. Nuff said. Now i have forgotten how to spell. I am falling asleep writing. good night world. I have BigGwrls birthday extravaganza tomorrow. Must be better by then.

---- Sorry to all who had to read my medicated posting last night. I will never again trust Big Daddy to spell check my blog. I would also like to note that of all the words I misspelled EXTRAVAGANZA was not one of them :)

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