Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Secrect Garden

The girls have adopted a garden this year. They have been wanting to grow thier own veggies and tend thier own garden. It's been so long since I've tried to grow anything but potted flowers that I needed a refresher. I have been doing lots of research into diffrent natural gardening ideas to try and find out what would work better for us. I prefer to go more natural instead of chemical because I know my kids and they will eat the food with out washing it and not wash thier hands well ect. I have questions and it seems the more things I look up the more questions I have. Apparently the sent of dogs keeps away squirrls and how am I supposed to do that? Make mom's dog pee around the garden?? OR when we pick up the dog "stuff" should we dump it around the garden? If so any advice on what to do about the smell mid July when it gets REALLY well fragrent? I figgured out some really good ideas about keeping birds away that I think will work. It's just the squirrls in worried about.
      Well that and the whole actuall keeping the garden alive and thriving. We are going to do a little shopping today to get the last of our supplies so we can get started ASAP. The girls are soooo exxcited. I hope that the enthusiam pays off!

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