Friday, March 19, 2010

Geocaching funnies...

My mother needed to stop by the Library today but she was getting a little worn out after her group so I recommended the girls not go and we would wait in the parking lot for her. As we pulled away I noticed that there was a geocache near as in in the middle of the traffic circle. We parked got our gps and ran to the middle of the street. we look high and low not finding anything BigGrwl suggests looking in the rose bushes so mommy volunteers for that one. I tear my brand new shirt :((. good thing I can sew. Finally we notice a bit of time has passed and Gwamma will be waiting. So we run back to the car which I left unlocked! and I can't find my keys! ANYWHERE! I didn't remeber carring them  over across the street. I dumped out my purse my moms purse EVERYTHING out of the front of the car. NO KEYS. I cam starting to panic. I finally decide to run back over to where we had looked for the cache. We look high and lo and there on groundzero were mommy's keys right where the cache SHOULD have been. Middlest picks them up and yells you keys turned into the geocache mommy we found it!!!
Then mom calls.. are you guys okay?? I am sitting here waiting for you! yeah we are in the parking lot and do we have a story for you.

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