Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nerd in training..

Eldest is one of the most beautiful 11 year olds I have ever seen. Seriously. She has the most beautiful face.  Fortunatly she hates boys, she knows how to shoot (to fend them off) and she is kind hearted (toward those not her sisters). She also has brains. She is extremely left brained. She is her fathers child after all. Typically I try to limit the amount of nerdness her father might expose her too( not really I encourage it).
 This week she has had ARMT testing and so she has had to go to bed early. She wasn't even allowed to stay up to watch NCIS. So as a reward for doing well and for getting a straight A report card she was allowed to stay up a little late and play a game with Daddy. I figgured she would go for UNO. She is constantly wanting me to play with her. However tonight Big Daddy picked Munchkin (yes i know how much you hate wikipedia). This is like role playing game Magic for Dummies . Sigh. My poor baby. Big daddy tried to explain his new expansion pack to her all we heard was maw maw maw blah pizza blah blah mah maw. So he had to show her. He is DETERMINED to turn her into the chess playing nerd everyone gives Wedgies to. Poor Girl. Ms. Duckie and I are trying to save her. I think we might be over our heads though. HELP!!! What can I say she is most definatly her Fathers daughter. Good thing Ms. Ducky isn't one too. wait... aww crud..the poor child is doomed. At least I will always have Middlest to play Princess and Fairys with!
I apoligize for the pictures being wierd blogger was not letting me add them where I wanted too. I blame the Allergy medicine.

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