Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today was another one of our do NOTHING days.
We debated cleaning house.
We didn't.
We debated doing laundry
We didn't.
We debated cooking a big sunday lunch.
We didn't.
We did however take naps. Long ones.
We did watch Harry Potter ALL DAY LONG.
We did torture our sisters. Well they did.
We did let the doggies out.
We did get dressed.
We tried to go to church. We slept to late in the morning. So we planned to go to an evening service, Who knew that Churches no longer have evening services.
Big Daddy and Eldest went grocery shopping. We now have food!! I did have to convince Big Daddy that the big Papa Murphys sale was yes a good thing but we were NOT going to eat pizza everyday for the next two weeks. That was a little much. Even for yummy pizza.


Tonya said...

You are so funny! I love your post and I love you!

Tiny T

PS what are you gonna call my eldest? I could think of a few but I don't think you could post them. LOL!

Kat said...

sounds like a good day to me! especially the harry potter marathon, hehe.