Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fairy Cake

This cake gave me quite a bit of a headache today. We finished it though and while it does not look like the one in the picture the girls LOVE it.

So this is the start of our cake.
I cut to much off of the bottom but it ended up almost perfect.
This is the half of a cake that crumbled when it was set on the bottom layer.
Warning... Do not get anxious let the cake cool completly before layering!!
This is our green frosting. Notice the lumps and un-evenness..
the frosting broke my precious hand mixer. My ONLY mixer.
So I attempeted a dirty icing on the cake.. now you can really see the big lumps of shorting. However... it ate my cake. It was pulling my cake apart.
I was finally able to half way decently ice the cake. It still had crumbs in it but at this point I could really care less :P So for the tree stump since we had no way to make frosting I softened canned chocolate icing and poured it over the stump.
BigGwrl is filling a piping bag with sand colored frosting for the pond and waterfall.
See how pretty it looks :) BigGrwl did a good job!!
Next we poured in Piping gel we colored blue
As soon as the water was in Biggwrl decided the fairies needed to go on the cake.
This is our fondant. Surprizingly it was VERY easy to work with. We just rolled it out and used this little punchy thing to pop out little bitty flowers. So easy a 4year old can do it!
As we punched out flowers I noticed the icing falling off of the back of the cake.
So we frosted the back with Chocolate frosting.
This is the finished project. It actually turned out really well. Once we added the flowers.

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