Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toxic Relationship

I've been doing a lot of thinking today on toxic relationships. Not very cheery I know. I am a helper and I have a bad habit of befriending the wrong type of people. I am still young and though I am a mom I like to have fun but not FUN you know? I don't judge them for the things they do I've just grown out of that stage. As a helper I find myself being sucked in especially not haveing the constant church foundation I used to. I find myself being harsh and using harsh words to my husband and children. The hardest part for me is noticing when someone is bad for me. Especially when I am trying to help this person out of certin situations and trying to be a friend to them. Though once I figgure out that that person isn't good for me to be around I have a hard time cutting myself off from them. Each friendship is a loss something to morn. I think I ought to be strong enough to avoid being dragged under but I am just not. How many others have this problem?

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