Monday, March 8, 2010

Stubborn Woman

I am very stubborn and I HATE going to the doctor. HATE IT. There isn't a reason as to why, I like our doctor. I just don't like going. Anyways. We (Big Daddy) are constantly trying to find more natural ways to regulate my body than the medicine the doctor has me on. So he constantly is restricting things and adding things into my diet and because I love him, I do my best to follow these ideas he has. If they work we stick with that thing and try others doing the better or worse "game". Apparently he has now read that Chocolate is a mood enhancer. Huh who knew ;). So now he "forces" me to eat chocolate twice a day. Normally I wouldn't complain about HAVING to eat chocolate but this kind is ugh... ever tried the unsweetened coco powder? Thats what this stuff tastes like. Varing degrees of unsweetened coco powder. It is so disgusting. I tried to get the girls to help me eat my chocolate but they run out of the room gagging now. It's really funny considering BigGwrl will eat chocolate all day long if you'd let her. So now that I am forced to eat chocolate all the time it's lost some of its appeal... which may have been what he was after to start with....hmmmm... Of course I dont candy much at all so that might have something to do with it as well.. Im going to have to think on this one a bit.

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